General Contest Rules

The SSA Tournament will be a one trek (4 sites + 1 bonus), head-to-head, double-elimination shootout. The Championship match (both the Championship match and Championship reload match) within The SSA Tournament will be a two trek (8 sites + 2 bonus), head-to-head shootout.

In round 1, the player ranked 1st will play the player ranked last. In the event of uneven numbers

The best ranked players will recieve a bye into round two until the numbers are correct.

In The SSA Tournament on Saturday, animals and bonuses from Big Buck HD WILD will be incorporated into the tournament.

There will be a ranking tourney held at the venue between 1-3pm on the day to establish players ranking numbers and positions in the draw. Each player will shoot a pre programmed trek consisting of 4 sites and 1 bonus. The highest score will rank 1st. Any competitors who choose not to participate in the ranking tourney will have their rank position drawn from the barrel.

Since The SSA Tournament is a double elimination tournament, once a player loses in the Winner’s Bracket, he/she will move to the Reload Bracket and will have one more chance. Once a player loses in the Reload Bracket, he/she is out of the tournament.

The championship match will be the winner of the winner’s bracket and the winner of the reload bracket. If the winner’s bracket player wins the championship match, then that player becomes the Champion. If the reload bracket’s player wins the match, then they must play one more match, since both players would then only have one loss. The winner of that second match would become the Champion.

During the registration process for The SSA Tournament players will be required to complete a personal data sheet and present a valid photo ID. All players must have a valid photo ID and the name on the ID must match the name used on Big Buck HD. Failure to register at the event will result in removal from the competition. If a player fails to register, their spot in the tournament will be given to the highest placing alternate qualifier who is present at the event. Any unfilled spots will become byes at the lowest possible seed. Once the bracket is generated, it is set and no players will be added.

Each match will only take about 5 minutes, so the players are encouraged to stay close. If a player is unusually late to his/her match, that match will be forfeited and the opposing player will advance to the next round. We will do everything reasonable to locate the person before the match is forfeited.

At the beginning of each match, the higher ranking player will choose which gun they would like to use. The other player will choose the first site. The site selection will alternate between the players, starting with the lower ranking player.

At the end of the trek (4 sites + 1 bonus), the player with the higher score will move onto the next round. In the event of a tie, those players will immediately play the round again in a head-to-head shootout. The players will keep the same guns and the site selection will proceed as normal.

Fair play is essential to the success of this tournament. During the course of a match, crew will be looking for certain unfair acts. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • A player will not be allowed to touch another player or that player’s gun.
  • A player must not interfere with another player’s line of vision with his gun, body, or anything else.
  • There will be a taped-off area that each player must stand in, which will help prevent contact or line of sight blocking.
  • If a player shoots a cow or doe, he must not in any way interfere with the player that is still in by physically or verbally abusing him/her. The player that shoots a cow must get out of the way and the other player can move up as close to the screen as he/she would like.

If any of these rules are broken, or any other unsportsmanlike act is performed, that player will be verbally warned. The second time that player breaks a rule, he/she will be kicked out of the tournament and made to walk home !. The contest judges’ decision will be final in all instances.

If during any match the game or tournament bracket resets, loses power or malfunctions in any way, any results from that match will not count and the match will be played again from the beginning.



No employees (past or present) or immediate family members of employees of Play Mechanix™, Inc., Raw Thrills™, Inc., or Southern Star Amusements may participate. The contest judges reserve the right to disqualify or refuse entrance to any participant for any reason including, but not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating, or unfair play. All contest judges’ rulings shall be final.

All participants must be at least 18 years old.

Southern Star Amusements adheres to any State and/or Federal Laws that prohibit participation in such contests.

A player caught using another player’s ID or suspected of any other form of cheating will be disqualified and asked to walk home.


Release of Liability

Transportation, accomodation, and any other expense that a player may incur while attending the SSA Tournament will be paid for by the player. Play Mechanix™, Raw Thrills™, or Southern Star Amusements will not be held responsible for the player’s travel. Participants agree to release and hold harmless the aforementioned companies from any loss, harm or damage that may happen to the player or to the player’s property during travel to or from the tournaments or during the activity of the tournaments.


Video/Audio Image Release

Photographer and videographers will be on hand during the event. They will be taking pictures, video, and audio of the players and the audience. By signing this Registration Form, you agree to release all video, audio, and digital images for Play Mechanix™, Inc., Raw Thrills™, Southern Star Amusements, and/or Betson Enterprises to use on websites, press releases, brochures, publications, posters, and any other form of promotion or advertising. Your original images will not be materially altered in any way. You waive the right to inspect or approve the finished images and/or any material that is printed with your images.

For questions about the rules, please or see a member of the SSA crew..

I accept, unreservedly to abide by the above terms and conditions and confirm that I have read and fully understand the above document.

Name (Print)…………………………………………………….